Knight's Innovative Process

Our Process is 100% dry and does not require the use of any water. This design can be used in the most remote areas or directly within a city, a result of brilliant engineering focused on creating an urban solution to mining.

Why carry the cost of mining raw material in a quarry when massive development companies are digging it for us. Not only are they Paying to dig these massive excavations they are also paying to transport it away to a landfill where there is a dump fee.

A Shortage of Sand

The shortage of sand is the second largest shortage in the world after water, making it the most consumed product.

The construction sector alone will need 51.7 billion tonnes of sand and gravel in 2022. This is the equivalent to building a wall 27 meters high and 27 inches thick around the equator. In short, our annual sand consumption currently represents more than double of what nature can provide.

This excessive amount forces the extraction of sand from river basins, lakes and
the seabed, which is physically altering rivers and coastal ecosystems. In China, the country’s largest freshwater lake, Lake Poyang, is drying up due to dredging to extract this material. As a result, hundreds of locals who depend on the lake to fish are running out of resources, as are the millions of migratory birds that stop there every year.

Operations Overview

1. Excavations

Excavations from around the lower mainland must regularly dispose of their excavation waste.

Knight charges an industry dump fee, however, our facility is 2–3 hours less in travel time round trip for the dump trucks than the nearest traditional landfill waste management facility.

2. Waste Separation

Utilizing dump waste through an innovative process.

After the dump truck has dumped its waste at our facility our innovative machines separate and wash the material – dividing it into 4 different high quality engineered products.

3. Reselling

We resell once thought to be undesirable materials.

6 days a week Knight will be selling these products to retail earth work companies, in addition to wholesaling to industry leading concrete and blacktop companies in Vancouver.

4. Biorecycling

Knight is not only an aggregate production company but also a recycling plant.

This affords us the upside of being both an ESG focused biorecycling business, as well as a local highquality aggregate provider. Capitalizing on both sides of the business will allow us to capture market share in this vital industry.

5. Overseas Sales

We have connections nationally and internationally.

After our innovative dry process, all of the byproduct material will be sold locally and internationally.

Concrete Production

  • The high demand for sand has a lot to do with Concrete. Sand is one of concretes most important ingredients and with it in such a shortage the concrete prices are going up each year without fail.

  • Knight will be Creating 2/3 ingredients for concrete on site from recycled materials giving us an advantage over the competition as they have to mine the materials and transport them long distance to make the same concrete we could; However, Knight’s concrete will be “green” with less Carbon impact.

  • For such an Expansion it’s a considerable low cost with a high reward. Giving our already profitable sand an extra 60% – 75% profit.

  • Another way to add to Knight’s “green” approach to the construction and aggregate world is by using Volumetric mixers instead of traditional drum trucks. This allows us to have no on-site plant and for us to create no waste.

Thinking Sustainably

By providing an urban solution to dumpsites outside the limits of Metro Vancouver, Knight will cut trucking times and reduce the carbon emissions produced.

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